RUF briquette it is a wood briquette, environmentally friendly and at the same time, an economical kind of solid fuel that burns almost without smoke. That is why it is ideal for heating and it is used for heating residential houses, warehouses, cottages and it is very convenient to use for fireplaces and boilers.

RUF wood briquette consists only of pure hardwood and soft wood. Briquettes does not contain any additional substances, except of lignin, a natural substance found in wood, lignin is a binder that is released at high temperature.

The burning time of RUF fuel briquettes is at least 2,5-3 hours, at a constant combustion temperature. RUF briquettes produce more heat than wood and it is close to the values of coal by calorific value. More heat from fuel briquettes, with less fuel costs.

For the transportation of briquettes, their strength is important. It is achieved by pressing under a high temperature, which contributes to the melting of the surface of the briquettes.

RUF briquette – softwood: Pine, Spruce.

Briquette RUF Hard – Hardwood species: Beech, Oak, Hornbeam.

• The size of the briquette is 155 x 90 x 64 mm.

• Calorificvalue – 17,5 – 19,5 MJ / kg

• Heating capacity approx. 5 kWh

• Ashcontent – 0,9%

• Humidityof 6-8%

• Packed with 10kg.

• Weight – 960 kg. / pallet

Pallet dimensions: 120x80cm, height 140cm.

Briquettes RUF



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The size of the briquette is 155 x 90 x 64 mm.
Calorific value – 17,5 – 19,5 MJ / kg.
Heating capacity approx. 5 kWh
Ash content - 0,7 %
Humidity of 6-8%
Packed with 10 kg.